Volume 2012 Issue 3

14 March 2012 Meeting


March 14, 2012, The Lafayette Genealogical Society held it's monthly meeting. The meeting was open by Brenda Fuselier, President, with a moment of silence for our ancestors and those who have served or who are now serving our country.

Treasurer's report: Beginning balance $3,143.22, Dues received $160.00, Publication expense $13.35, Ending balance $3, 289.87. We have 2 new members for 2012, unpaid members 27.

LGS has been asked by Family Search to participate in indexing the 1940 Census. Brenda Fuselier will register as administrator and will send email notices to all members regarding the indexing. Brenda asked for volunteers.

A storage place has been found for storing publications, CDs, flag and other paper work etc. It is on the Youngsville Hwy and Pinhook for a monthly fee of $30. James Bourque motioned to accept, Lorna Bourque 2 nd. Motion passed.

Guest speakers were Nonc Jules and Mary Lou Vincent Guidry. They spoke on the Vincent, Verot, Guidry and Wilder families. The Verots came to Louisiana on a steam boat. Verot School Road is named after Mary Lou's ancestors. They also spoke about Vermilionville, where they conduct tours and speak on our Cajun Culture. We were also entertained by them, with Nonc Jules playing the accordion and Mary Lou, the guitar and both of them singing. They also showed a film “Against the tide”, which is a film on the arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by: Brenda Hebert Thibodeaux, Secretary