Volume 2015 Issue 1

 15 January 2015 Meeting

The January meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held on January 15, 2015 in the Meeting Room of the South Regional Library, 1601 Johnston Street at 6:30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by President Herb Scheuermann. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a moment of silence to remember our ancestors and our men and women who have served and are presently serving in the Armed Forces. The minutes of the November 2014 meeting were read and approved.

Warren LeBlanc, was called upon to give the Treasurer's Report for November and December of 2014:

November Beginning Balance                                                                              $3,372.17

Dues Collected                                                                 40.00
Books Sold/Donations                                                      35.00
Acadiana Project                                                              25.00
Banquet                                                                           220.00
Library Book Project                                                      (435.00)

ENDING BALANCE                                                                                           $3,257.17

December Beginning Balance                                                                               $3,357.17

Dues                                                                                 140.00
Books Sold/Donations                                                        25.00
Acadiana Project                                                                45.00
Banquet                                                                             460.00
Banquet Expense                                                               (968.33)

ENDING BALANCE                                                                                            $2,958.82

New Members for 2014                                                            26
Members with dues unpaid                                                        0

There was a discussion about the New Acadia Project. Our contribution to the project was noted in the Project's press release and we were listed as a major donor.

The 2014 banquet was discussed. The comments were favorable and there was general agreement that the venue and food were good and it would be considered again for future banquets.

Work is continuing on the St. Peter and Paul Cemetery Project in Scott, La. Chairman Warren LeBlanc gave a rundown of the process used. The cemetery is divided into sections and workers are assigned a section. They can go to the cemetery on their own or in pairs to record the information. The information is then given to Warren who inputs it into the computer. When it is all compiled, he will print it out and volunteers will be needed to proofread. He also gave a rundown of past projects for new members.

President Scheuermann gave a brief report on the DNA Study. Members who are interested in getting their DNA analyzed were invited to do so and join the ongoing discussion.

President Scheuermann then discussed the committees available for people to join and explained that most of these would not involve a lot of time and commitment. It is only a tool to aid the group.

Visitors and new members were recognized. They included Mary Richard Berard, Joan Labbe Badeaux, John Allen Melancon, whose mother Mertie was a former member whom several people knew, and Meridith Crawford, a new librarian for the Parish Library. Each one stated what family they were researching.

Treasurer, Warren LeBlanc, presented the Proposed Budget for the coming year. It included:

Beginning Bank Balance                                                                                      $2,958.84

Projected Revenues:

Estimated Dues- 67 members @ $20.00                           $1,340.00
Books (CD) sold – 5 @ $5.00 each                                         25.00
Cemetery Book/CD 7 @ $20.00                                            140.00
Supplements Sold – 4 @ $5.00                                                25.00

TOTAL PROJECTED REVENUES                                                                     $1, 525.00

Projected Expenditures

Publication Expenditures                                                      350.00
Speaker Meals/Expenses                                                          80.00
Storage Rent                                                                          480.00
Banquet Prize                                                                          50.00
Office Expenses (Copies, Postage)                                          250.00
Other Expenses                                                                      100.00

TOTAL PROJECTED EXPENSES                                                                       $1,310.00

ENDING BANK BALANCE                                                                                 $3,173.84

Caliste Breaux made a motion to accept the proposed budget which was seconded by Lona Bourque. A vote was taken and the Proposed 2015 Budget was accepted.

Because of technical problems, the group then moved to the auditorium for a talk given by Jane G. Bulliard on "How to Build Historical Context." She began by showing a video moderated by John Philip Colletta PhD, whose book, Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and its Aftermath, was the basis for our program. He talked about how to gather biographical facts and thoughtfully inspect the source for each fact, one at a time. Each fact is then examined in light of local history and a hypothesis can be formed about how this real-life event transpired. Then, we were told, we need to test our hypothesis against the contents of the sources collected and any others this process reveals. After we complete these steps, it should lead to a conclusion about what the past likely was. He used this method in writing his book, which was based on an incident he heard about from his grandmother when he was 14 years old. From her story, he was able to research the life and death of his great, great grandfather.

Brenda Fuselier then told us about some of her personal publications she brought for members to look at that might help in our research. They were available before the meeting and several members used them. She also recommended the Life writing course at Hospice of Acadiana on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 in 6 sessions, 1 every 2 weeks. Judy Trahan commented that Genealogy Road Show on LPB would have a Pointe Coupee Parish connection. It will air on January 27.

There being no further business, a motion to dismiss was made. The motion was seconded and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Pellerin, Secretary