Lafayette Genealogical Society

Meeting Minutes

 15 October 2015

The monthly meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held on October 15, 2015 in the Meeting Room of the South Regional Library, 1601 Johnston Street at 6:30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by President Herb Scheuermann. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a moment of silence in remembrance of our ancestors, our men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces. Guests were welcomed and asked to introduce themselves. They included: Michelle Nobles and Gayle Guidry who recently attended the Guidry Family Reunion in Henderson, La. as part of the GRA. Pete Peterson motioned to dispense with the reading of the minutes, seconded by Brenda Thibodeaux. The motion passed and minutes were accepted. They are posted to the Society’s website.

Warren LeBlanc was called upon to give the Treasurer’s Report for September, 2015:

Beginning Balance                                                                                                       $3,946.65

Dues Collected                                                                                                                  100.00
Books Sold/Donations
Supplements Sold                                                                                                      
Acadian Project
Publication Expense                                                                                                          -36.17
Speaker Meals
Banquet Expenses
Office Expense                                                                                                        
Other Expenses/Rent                                                                                                         -67.84
Library Book Project                                                                                                      -250.00

Ending Balance                                                                                                            $3,692.64

New Members for 2015                                                                                                           50
Members with dues unpaid                                                                                                       3

A motion was made by Pete Peterson and seconded by Terri Graham to accept the Treasurer’s Report. The motion was approved and the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Our Face book page is continuing to do well with good posts and positive feedback.

Everett Thompson reported that he is continuing to add obituary information to the Member’s Only page. Everyone is encouraged to use this site as it contains information collected by the Society over the years.

Everett also reported on the DNA groups. They meet on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month. The 3rd Saturday is the beginner group which is concerned with what test to use and what to do with your results once you have them. The 4th Saturday group meets to discuss in more depth what the results mean and how to use them in your family research. The locations change each month due to room availability at the library. He sends out emails to let everyone know where the group is meeting.

The annual banquet will be held again this year at Bailey’s Restaurant on Johnston Street on Saturday, December 5 at 12:30 p.m. The cost will be $22.00 per person. The guest speaker will be Annie B. Dobie, author of Remembering Lafayette 1930 – 1955.

We then had a discussion about the recent GRA. Several members discussed their disappointment of the lack of attendance of local people. It was well attended by people from Canada and France. There speakers were very good and those who attended enjoyed it very much.

The president then reminded everyone about Genealogy 101 on the 1st Saturday of each month at the downtown library. At this meeting everyone exchanges information from their family trees and encourage newcomers.

President Scheuermann then opened the floor for a discussion regarding changes to our constitution. Any proposed changes must be published 2 times and discussed before voting. He then went on to discuss the way dues are collected. Since dues give a person access to our member’s only page on the website and information may be downloaded, when dues are paid may become an issue. Our dues are $20.00 per year even if a person joins later in the year. It was suggested that we raised the dues to $24.00 and when a person joins later in the year, we prorate it a $2.00 for each month that has gone by. Another suggestion was that we prorate dues by the quarter and someone suggested that we just leave it alone and collect $20.00 no matter when a person joins in the year. This will be discussed at later meetings. At this time all dues are due by February 28th.

Volunteers are needed for Tuesday mornings at the downtown library to assist newcomers to genealogy that show up at the library. Frances Doga, Calice Breaux and Brenda Thibodeaux are there on a regular basis to show people how to begin their research. If you have the time, your assistance is welcome

The Executive Committee has come up with a slate of officers for next year. President Scheuermann asked Calice Breaux to announce the candidates. They include Caliste Breaux, President; Shirley LeBlanc, President-Elect; Brenda Fuselier, Vice President; Warren LeBlanc, Treasurer; and, Kathy Pellerin, Secretary. Calice made a motion to accept the slate of candidates and it was seconded by Pete Lavergne. A vote was taken and the slate of officers elected to serve next year.

Don Arceneaux announced that his research on the 1769 Attakapas census has been published by Claitor’s Books in Baton Rouge. The title is Attakapas Post in 1769: The First Nominal Census of Colonial Settlers in Southwest Louisiana and is available on Claitor’s website for $25.00. Don had a flyer describing his book and it will be scanned and put on our website.

This concluded the business part of our meeting. President Scheuermann then introduced Dr. Eddie Palmer, Professor Emeritus of the University of Louisiana who is researching the “Old Spanish Trail”. He began his presentation with a historical overview of how the OST began. It has been used for many things over the years but most people think it came about as a pathway enabling communication between the Spanish Colonial Government and the various outposts and forts in the colony. By the time it came under the United States of America it was also being used as a cattle trail to get products to the population center of New Orleans. We also learned that here have been various movements to preserve the trail even though most of it has been paved over. It now begins in St. Augustine, Florida and goes westward to San Diego, California. In 1915 a movement was organized to promote inter-state travel on the OST. There will be a centennial celebration beginning with a December 2015 conference in Mobile and then on to other key cities on the trail. Mile markers will be placed throughout the trail using the official colors, red, yellow, black and white. It was an informative talk and much appreciated by the audience.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Pellerin, Secretary