A Monthly Newslettter of the Lafayette Genealogy Society

Volume 2010 Issue 3

18 March 2010 Meeting



  1. Call meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.
  2. Let us rise for a moment of silence for our servicemen and women who protect us, for the families that have gone before us, and the infirmed.
  3. Please remain standing and face the flag, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. Welcome everyone (members, guest, and special guest)
  5. Introduce our guest speaker, Jeremy Broussard.  Jeremy had an emergency.  His wife went into labor.  So, we have Mr. Donny Broussard, no relation to Jeremy, who was Co-Director of the movie “Little Houses” who is here this evening to tell us about the film.
  6. Earl Gates presentation on graves.     
  7. The treasurer’s and the secretary’s report will be deferred to the web site.
  8. Last month we briefly discussed possible changes to the standing rules and by-laws.  We will deal with those issues in the near future.
  9. Do we have any other old business? 
  10. Do we have any new business?
  11. Are there any inquiries by our guest or members?
  12. Make any announcements:  We would like to continue encouraging everyone especially the new members to continue submitting their family tree charts and histories or stories, along with pictures of your ancestors.

12. Adjourn meeting by asking, “Do we have a motion to adjourn this meeting?”

    1. “Do we have a second?”
    2. “All in favor say yea, all oppose say no.”
    3. “The meeting is now adjourned.  Thank you all for attending tonight’s meeting.  Please have a safe trip home.”

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy Burleigh, secretary

Treasurer Warren LeBlanc reported no change in the balance of treasury. The total remains at $3,024.70.