Lafayette Genealogical Society

Meeting Minutes

 18 June 2015

The monthly meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held on June 18, 2015 in the Meeting Room of the South Regional Library, 1601 Johnston Street at 6:30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by President Herb Scheuermann. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a moment of silence to remember our ancestors and our men and women who have served and are presently serving in the Armed Forces. Guests were welcomed and asked to stand and introduce themselves. They included: Mary Ann Prevost who has been researching the deBoisblanc family and also her Hungarian roots; and, Noel Brotherton who is from California and is interested in African American land ownership. Sam and Sterling from the library staff were also present. Judy Trahan made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes, seconded by Shirley LeBlanc. The motion passed. Marc Andrepont made a motion to accept the May minutes as posted on our website. This was seconded by Brenda Fuselier and approved.

Warren LeBlanc was called upon to give the Treasurer's Report for May, 2015:

April Beginning Balance                                                                                    $3,531.65

Dues Collected                                                                                                          60.00
Books Sold/Donations
Supplements Sold                                                                                                      
Acadian Project
Publication Expense
Speaker Meals
Banquet Expenses
Office Expense                                                                                                        
Other Expenses/Rent                                                                                              
Library Book Project

Ending Balance                                                                                                    $3,591.65

New Members for 2015                                                                                                    29
Members with dues unpaid                                                                                              13

The business portion of the meeting began with comments from President Scheuermann about the update Warren LeBlanc gave at the last meeting on the cemetery work. The comments he received were very favorable and people appreciate the work this committee does. New members are always welcomed to this committee.

The cost for a table at the Grand Réveil in October is $250.00. James Bourque made a motion that this expenditure be approved. It was seconded by Pete Lavergne and approved by the members. Due to the fact that our Society banner is unusable, Herb looked into the cost of replacing it. Coca Cola or Pepsi can make a banner for $30 to $50. Pete Lavergne made a motion to authorize the expenditure of a new banner. It was seconded by Marc Andrepont and approved by the members. Julie Hernandez suggested that the banner be generic with no dates that would limit the use of this banner. She also suggested that we put our website address on it. Herb said that he would look into it and make sure that it does not raise the price significantly.

Julie Hernandez told us about the publicity that is being posted in area newspapers. She said that Judy Riffel of Le Comité des Archives de la Louisianne needs 3 months notice to post in their communiqué. Judy thanked Frances Doga for getting us in the Rayne newspaper.

Marc Andrepont reported that our facebook page is getting hits for all over the United States and Canada. People are expressing an interest in our group and its work.

President Scheuerman reported that we received a check for membership from Cox in North Carolina and he will try to find out exactly who this is from and how they got our information.

Everett Thompson reported on the website. Progress is being made on the Members Only page. It has been sent to a few members on a trial basis. They are reporting that it takes a long time to download information. It still remains a work in progress and will include extensive information of members' family trees. After we implement this, cd's will no longer be given out at the December meeting. Each paid member will be given a log in and password.

Everett also reported on the DNA group which met June 13th. There were 10 people who attended and the information on the use of DNA was well received. The new meeting date will be the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Our President then reminded the group that we will be moving our 1st Saturday meeting to the Downtown Library when it reopens. It will be closed on July 4, so the meeting date has been changed to July 11, 2015 at 9:30 am. Everyone will be sent a reminder email. On the 11th, we anticipate a tour of the new facilities. The Thursday general meeting will still be held at the Johnston Street location. San Lollard was asked about bringing refreshments to the Saturday meetings and he will check on bringing food into our meetings, since the library prohibits food being brought in. Sam was asked about what has happened to our publications that we supply to the Library. Some of our members bought them at library book sales. He suggested that we contact Theresa Albertson and speak with her, as each library has different policies.

This concluded the business part of our meeting.

President Scheuerman introduced the guest speaker, John Francois, noting that he is an author, genealogist and teacher. Mr. Francois spoke on Benedict Arnold, one of George Washington's ablest field officers. Research has shown that Arnold was a great general, a fighting general. He came from a family of means who, because of family tragedy, lost most of their prestige. At age 14, Benedict had to give up the university in order to apprentice himself to an apothecary in order to support his mother and sister. At age 16 he joined the militia and fought in the French and Indian War. After the American Revolution began, Arnold signed up. He sacrificed much for the revolution and should have achieved a high rank, but, unfortunately, he did not. He helped to capture Fort Ticonderoga which had many valuable cannon. Arnold also led and expedition to capture Quebec, Canada which would have been useful in bringing Canada into the war as a 14th colony. Due to many delays and hardships, that did not happen and Arnold bought food and blankets for his men for which he could never obtain reimbursement from the colonial government. He was wounded in the leg during the battle for Quebec. Arnold had to turn back. Mr. Francois outlined hardship this expedition faced and why it failed.

The talk continued with a recap of the Battle of Saratoga where Arnold rallied the troops in a substantial victory for the Americans. Arnold was wounded in that battle in the same leg as before. He was denied a coveted rank and eventually planned to turn over West Point to the British which forever marked him as a traitor the American cause. Mr. Francois talk was well received.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Pellerin, Secretary