Volume 2012 Issue 5

19 May 2012 Meeting


On May 19th,2012, the Lafayette Genealogical Society held it's monthly meeting, Brenda Fuselier, President opened meeting with a moment of silence for our ancestors and those who have served or who are currently serving our country. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Warren LeBlanc, Treasurer, gave the treasurer's report: Beginning balance $3,418.77, less copies for cemeteries $48.59, and year's rental space $331.00. Ending Balance $3,039.18. Copies of the cemetery forms are available for the St. Alaphonse Cemetery in Maurice. Pete Lavergne, Earl Gates and Warren LeBlanc did the small cemetery.

The indexing of the 1940 census for Louisiana is !00% done. Jean Keisel, LGS member, is now an arbitrator. Dorothy Burleigh passed out some census forms.

Contributions from members are needed for the annual CD.

LGS member, Jackie Lawson passed away.

Brenda reported that 3 members went to Baton Rouge for the annual Louisiana Genealogical Society meeting. There were several speakers who spoke on Galvestown and the Hungarian and Czech population in Louisiana.

Pete Lavergne motioned to adjourn, Earl Gates 2nd, meeting was adjourned for all to enjoy refreshments.

Respectfully submitted by: Brenda Hebert Thibodeaux, Secretary