A Monthly Newslettter of the Lafayette Genealogy Society

Volume 2011 Issue 10



October 20, 2011 Meeting

Lafayette Genealogical Society


Minutes of the Lafayette Genealogical Society

On October 20, 2011, the Lafayette Genealogy Society monthly meeting was called to order by President Brenda Fusilier with a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guests were introduced: Regina Bourgeois, Julia Breaux & Don Arceneaux.

President Brenda Fuselier reported that the Grand Revive was very nice and had a lots of tables and lot of people. The cost of the booth was $200.00. Sold CD's ($99.00), book ($30.00), and raffle of the Red book, donated by Pete Lavergne ($135.00). Ticket for raffle was drawn by Stephen White and winner was from Lafayette. LGS booth handed out bookmarks and there were freebies at all the booths. Earl Gates presented power point presentations.. James Bourque motioned to reimburse Warren LeBlanc for the printing of the bookmarks, and Earl Gates for the presentation handouts.

Vivian Fontenot 2nd, motion passed. A "Thank-you" note was received from the Acadians for Earl's presentation. Pete Lavergne expressed concerned to Brenda Trahan, who was in charge of the GRA, that LGS didn't get the publicity for our booth and hosting Stephen White.

Fifty-four people attended the seminar hosted by LGS, with guest speaker Stephen White at the South Regional Library.

Thanks to LGS member Pat Synder for hosting Stephen White and Don Arceneaux and taking them on tours and meetings. Pete Lavergne motioned to give Pat $100.00 for hospitality. Earl 2nd, motioned passed.

James Seller was slated to talk at the March meeting, but there was a misunderstanding in his cost. He had emailed Brenda Fuselier $300.00 and now it's $600.00. James Bourque motioned to reconsider this, Lona Bourque 2nd. Motion passed.

October slate of officers were nominated: Pat Synder should be taking over President position, but she's currently President for the DAR, and she would prefer to take over next year. Brenda Fusilier will still have the position as President. Pat Synder as President-elect; JoAnn Pugh as vice President, and Brenda Thibodeaux as Secretary. Nominations were accepted.

Treasurers report $3,416.03.

Pete Lavergne suggested that all dues be paid at the Christmas Party, which is on December 8th, at the Petroleum Club.

Earl Gates presented a power point on "How to read Genealogy records: Census, birth/death certificates, etc.

November 5th , 1st Saturday meeting will host John Francois and on November 17th, the guest speaker will be James Douget. December 3rd meeting will be a show and tell by LGS members.

1940 Census will be released in 2012.

Earl Gates motioned to adjourn, Pete Lavergne 2nd, meeting adjourned.

  President Brenda Fuselier