Lafayette Genealogical Society

Meeting Minutes

 20 August 2015

The monthly meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held on August 20, 2015 in the Meeting Room of the South Regional Library, 1601 Johnston Street at 6:30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by President Herb Scheuermann. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a moment of silence in remembrance of our ancestors, our men and women who have served and are presently serving in the Armed Forces. Guests were welcomed and asked to stand and introduce themselves. They included: Reno Duhon, Dana Boudreaux Guidry and John Love. Sam Lollard from the library staff was recognized. Brenda Thibodeaux made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes, seconded by Calice Breaux. The motion passed and minutes were accepted. They are posted to the Society’s website.

Warren LeBlanc was called upon to give the Treasurer's Report for July, 2015:

Beginning Balance                                                                                             $3,866.65

Dues Collected                                                                                                          80.00
Books Sold/Donations
Supplements Sold                                                                                                      
Acadian Project
Publication Expense
Speaker Meals
Banquet Expenses
Office Expense                                                                                                        
Other Expenses/Rent                                                                                              
Library Book Project

Ending Balance                                                                                                    $3,946.65

New Members for 2015                                                                                                    41
Members with dues unpaid                                                                                                3

A motion was made by Pete Lavergne and seconded by Calice Breaux to accept the Treasurer's Report. The motion was approved.

Everett Thompson reported that the DNA Special Interest Group (SIG) would break off into two groups. The DNA (SIG) will continue to meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month. This group is designed for those who have questions about which test to take, how to use DNA in family research and what to do with the information. If you need answers to these types of questions, then you should attend the DNA SIG. A second, Advanced DNA SIG has been formed and meets on the 4th Saturday of each month for members who wish to analyze their DNA results in more detail. Everyone will be welcomed at either meeting, however, only beginner topics will be discussed at DNA SIG and only advanced topics will be discussed at the Advanced DNA SIG group meeting. The location of the 4th Saturday meeting location will float depending on library room availability.

Everett Thompson and Warren Leblanc reported on our website. The Members Only portion is now available to all paid members. Login and password information has been sent out. If you did not receive your information and your dues are current, please contact either Everett or Warren. The login and password will change each year and it will become available to members as dues are paid. Warren explained exactly what information available on the website and asked that everyone be patient when downloading as some of the files are large.

’ A volunteer is needed to go through the information that was received from Harold Prejean’s family. It is contained on floppy discs. Everett Thompson has a computer which will read these discs and Kathy Higginbotham has an adapter.

Marc Andrepont reported that our Facebook page has 246 members to date and is growing.

Herb Scheuermann reported that Genealogy 101 on the 1st Saturday of the last two months has been well attended. Volunteers are available each Tuesday morning starting at 10 am at the downtown library to help people who are researching their families. The group has received positive feedback about our efforts. A discussion was held about other days we could do this but it was decided to keep it to Tuesdays. A sign-up sheet may become available if we decide to extend the hours as the current members usually leave at noon.

The Executive Committee is working on a slate of officers and committees for next year. If you are interested, please contact Herb.

The annual banquet is scheduled for December 5th, 2015 and will be held at Bailey’s Restaurant on Johnston Street at Ambassador Caffery starting at noon.

Nic Pugh, representing the United Way, asked for members to sign up for a reading program in the public schools. Volunteers are needed to read to children for 1 hour each week for 10 weeks. Studies show that children respond well and are helped by this. A sign in sheet was passed around.

Julie Hernandez, Publicity Chairman, asked the group how effective our media blitz is. One person heard a radio spot on 102 KSM and the library puts it in their newsletter when space permits.

The Grand Réveil will be coming up in October. Shirley LeBlanc said she is available to help.

Vice-President Brenda Fuselier said she had an old copy of our publication Les Memories so new member could see what is needed for this year’s publication. Please get in your family trees or other information you have for it. She also had copies of an Individual Research Checklist which was downloaded from the internet available for anyone interested to take.

This concluded the business part of our meeting.

President Scheuermann then introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Roxanna Usner. She is a member of Preservation Alliance of Lafayette, a non-profit group which works towards preserving public and private structures in Lafayette. She is part of the Historic Preservation Unit in Lafayette. She gave a presentation of the History Walk which took place in May of this year. The talk began with a history of the settlement of this area starting with Native American Peoples who lived here well before the coming of Europeans. She gave a brief description of Colonial Louisiana and the Attakapas Poste. She presented a slide show of the early plat of Vermilionville on land owned by Jean Mouton. Vermilionville was in competition with the settlement at Pinhook as to where the city would develop. The streets in the original town were named for the American Presidents up to that time. The rest of the presentation contained information on historic houses and commercial buildings in Lafayette. A copy of this presentation is available for viewing on, the Alliance Lafayette website.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Pellerin, Secretary