A Monthly Newslettter of the Lafayette Genealogy Society

Volume 2011 Issue 4



April 21, 2011 Meeting

Lafayette Genealogical Society


Minutes of the Lafayette Genealogical Society

newsletter April 21, 2011


On April 21, 2011, the Lafayette Genealogical Society monthly meeting was called to order by President Brenda Fuselier, with a moment of silence for those who have served or serving our country.

Guest speaker, Carolyn French, who has a Masters and Doctorate in History and Anthropology, was immediately introduced.  She gave a very interesting talk on how to use Court House records, Place Names (old maps), Land Office Records, and other records such as U.S. Corps of Engineers. She spoke how she finds old abandoned cemetaries by going down forgotten paths and looking for hints that might have been once a
homestead.  She also showed how she used old and new maps to determine the changing makeup of a part of Louisiana.

Dorothy Burleigh talked about the upcoming Great Acadian Awakening to be held in Lafayette October 13 - 16, 2011.  Author, Stephen White will be guest speaker on October 14th, for this event.  He will be guest speaker for our Lafayette Genealogical Society and guests on October 15th, in the South Reginal Library auditorium and will speak on Non-Acadian genealogy. Members are asked that they contribute their help by hosting Mr. White with housing accomodations, food, and transportation to and from meetings between towns.

Sam Lollar, with the Lafayette Library had a set of books that was donated to the library, but could not be used because of markings in the books. The set was written by Murphy Miller on the Jacob Miller family - 2 volumes were the history and genealogy of the Millers and 2 volumes were the photos of the Millers. Member Frances Doga, great-granddaughter of Jacob Miller was given the set.  Neal Bertrand informed members that the author uses www.lulu.com for a lot of the researching.

The Baton Rouge Genealogical and Historical Society will hold it's meeting on April 30th. Fee to attend is $35 and anyone interested in going contact Brenda Fuselier as she is going.

Kathy Guilbeau will be in Lafayette.  Kathy is writing a book on the Guilbeau family. Contact Pat Snyder if interested.

President informed members that dues are due.

Earl Gates motioned meeting be adjourned, seconded by Pat Snyder 2nd. All in attendence were invited for refreshments.

Respectfully submitted by,

Brenda H. Thibodeaux