The Minutes of the January 21, 2010 Meeting

The Lafayette Louisiana Genealogical Society met January 21, 2010 at the Downtown Library. The meeting was called to order by President William Thibodeaux promptly at 6:00 p.m. He welcomed all members and guests. We rose for a moment of silence for our servicemen, families and the infirm. We pledged allegiance to the flag of our country.

Secretary and treasurer reports were deferred to the website.

He welcomed our guest speaker, Mr. Louis Perrett, Clerk of Court.

Following a short break to enjoy refreshments, Warren LeBlanc made his treasurer's report and presented the proposed budget for 2010.

Treasurer's Report DEC 2009

Beginning Balance                  $3,113.30

Dues                                         $245.00
Books sold                               $143.80
Supplements sold
BANQUET                              $530.00
Publication expense
Speaker Meals
Banquet prizes                         ($840.13)
Office expense
Other expenses
Library book

Ending Balance                      $3,191.97

Budget for 2010

BEGINNING BANK BALANCE                                                    $3,191.97

PROJECTED REVENUES                    

ESTIMATED DUES                                                                    
35 MEMBERS X $20.00
BOOKS (CD) SOLD 6 X $5.00                                         $30.00
SUPPLEMENTS SOLD 4 X $5.00                                   

TOTAL PROJECTED EXPENDITURES                                            
PUBLICATION                                                               $250.00
SPEAKER MEALS/EXPENSES                                        $80.00
BANQUET PRIZES                                                           $75.00
LIBRARY BOOK                                                              $50.00
OFFICE EXPENSES (COPIES, POSTAGE)                  $250.00
OTHER EXPENSES                                                          $50.00
TOTAL PROJECTED EXPENDITURES                                             $755.00

ENDING BANK BALANCE                                                            $3,186.97

James Bourque moved we adopt the budget. Pat Snyder seconded the motion. Budget was adopted.

Earl Gates reported that he has begun scanning the obituaries from Jane Baker's notebooks compiled from the Daily Advertiser.

There was discussion about finding a place to house holdings of the organization.

In closing the meeting, William thanked the club for a good meeting and wished for us a safe trip home.

Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Burleigh, secretary
January Meeting:    Thursday, January 21, 2010    6:00 P.M.      Downtown Library- Meeting Room