Volume 2012 Issue 9

21 September 2012 Meeting


On September 21st, the Lafayette Genealogical Society meeting was called to order by President Brenda Fuselier. President asked for a moment of silence for all decendants and those serving or have served in the military, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

A list was provided for the Pointe L'eligse published books on the Acadia cemeteries, funeral homes, marriage abstracts, etc, that the society has available for sale.

On November 15th, someone from Spain will be speaking at the U.L. Center for Louisiana Studies.

Sam Lollar, member of LGS from the downtown Lafayette Public Library, received an email about digitizing Louisiana newspapers from 1826-1922. Volunteers will be needed.

Earl Gates, LGS member, gave a very informative presentation on genealogical services available on-line and answered questions asked by members.

Pete Lavergne motioned that meeting be adjourned, James Bourque 2nd. Meeting was adjourned and members enjoyed refreshments.

Respectfully submitted by: Brenda Hebert Thibodeaux, Secretary