Volume 2010 Issue 2

The Minutes of the 20 April 2006 Meeting


The Lafayette Genealogical Society was called to order at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, February 18, 2010 at the downtown library by President William Thibodeaux. We rose for a moment of silence to honor our servicemen and women who protect us, our families that have gone before us, and the infirmed. We pledged our allegiance to the flag of our country. Present were Beryl Anderson, Jane Baker, Neal Bertrand, James and Lorna Bourque, Anette Broussard, Dorothy Burleigh, Katherine Davis, Viola Fontenot, Brenda Fuselier, Earl Gates, Jo Johnson, Pete Lavergne, Warren LeBlanc, Martha Luby, Gloria and James Peterson, Harold Prejean, Rogers Romero, Patricia Snyder, Barbara Thibodeaux, William Thibodeaux, Everett Thompson, and librarian Sam Lolar.

William Thibodeaux welcomed our guests Ms. Ann Mire, Michael Celestine, Jim Deal and our new member Eric Castille. He introduced our guest speaker, Ms. Ann Mire, assistant librarian at the Acadia Parish Library in Crowley. She is also the President of the Acadia Parish Genealogical and Historical Society.

Mrs. Mire told the history of the organization and showed a number of books the organization has compiled. Following her talk there was an intermission to enjoy refreshments before the meeting resumed.

The treasurer's and secretary's reports were deferred to the web site.

Mr. James Bourque, our society's Constitution Chairman, recommended that the Constitution and by-laws be reviewed for possible updating. He invited members to submit suggestions for the committee to review before presenting them to the club.

Recommended changes would have to be read a second time at another meeting before voting at a third meeting. Some of the changes that may be updated could be the name of the club to incorporate the word 'Historical', addressing the first Saturday library help session and the standing committees.

Earl Gates reported the obituary project with Jane Baker is moving right along. He has spent $128.00 printing pages at five cents per page and has over 3000 pages more to do. He asked the club to approve $300.00 for the project. It was so moved by Dorothy Burleigh and seconded by James Bourque.

Sam Lolar, librarian, said the library has criteria for accepting donated books. When these books do not meet the standards, they are given to the Friends of the Library for their sale. He intervened for several genealogical books recently left at the library and asked that they be offered to club members first. He also told the club about the new machine purchased by the library which will read microfilm, fiche, copy, print and e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned with a thank you for attending and please have a safe journey home.=


Beginning Balance    $3,191.97



Books sold

Supplements sold


Publication expense

Speaker Meals

Banquet Prizes              (173.05)

Office expense               (253.67)

Other expense

Library book               $2,765.25


Ending Balance