Volume 2007 Issue 12

6 December 2007 Meeting


The Lafayette Genealogical Society held its annual Christmas Banquet on December 6, 2007 at the Lafayette Petroleum Club at 6:30 P.M. President Charles Patterson welcomed members and their guests. Rev. John Wamsley, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church gave the invocation with emphasis on our ancestral heritage. James Bourque led the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Patterson presented a special recognition to the parents of Michael Pugh who will be serving the United States in the Marine Corps for his fourth tour of duty overseas in 2008. His parents, JoAnn and Nick Pugh, received a certificate of recognition for his commitment.
Treasurer Warren LeBlanc invited members and their guests to the supper buffet by name according to their order of reservation for the banquet.
Following the meal President Patterson high lighted the society�s accomplishments of 2007. Members increased usage of their computers for individual genealogy was noted. Power point presentations at monthly meetings and on first Saturdays increased genealogy knowledge. Members have increased submission of pictures by individuals and the recording of tombstones for the society�s website is nearing completion. Jean Kiesel finalized her book Images of America: Lafayette and she has donated part of the profit from the sales to members to the Lafayette Genealogical Society. The book, DAR Recognized Patriots, has been donated to the library.
Incoming officers for 2008 were installed by James Bourque who administered the oath of office. Lona Bourque presented the Past Officer�s Awards.
The President�s Award was presented to Rev. John Wamsley who so graciously made available Grace Presbyterian Church for the society�s meetings and the 2006 Ancestral Footprints conference. Martha Luby also received the President�s Award for her commitment over the years for insuring that the the door prizes are available for presentation at the annual Christmas Banquet.
Earl Gates, 2008 President, presented goals for 2008 in a leaflet touting the society, our website, power point presentations, meeting dates, computer sites for member education, and our October 2008 Conference.
Martha Luby, with the assistance of Warren LeBlanc, gave out door prizes with each recipient drawing the next persons name.
The closing prayer was given by Rev. Wamsley.  Les Memories de Lafayette on CD were distributed by Warren LeBlanc.

Respectfully Submitted by
Brenda Fuselier