The 2007 Christmas Banquet
6 December 2007
Petroleum Club

Presidents Message For 2007

The world is made up of givers and takers and I am proud of the fact that we are in the givers column.  The greatest reward you can attain is to know that you have helped someone in some manner.  This is true no matter who you are helping, be it your church, community, or career. As a genealogy society, we have helped a lot of people this year.  My one regret is that we do not reach more people. Our big failing is in advertising what we have to offer. I really wish we could solve this problem, but so far we have fallen short.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that need our help, but we just can�t communicate with them.  I ask you to help Earl Gates to continue this agenda of sharing.  Earl has many more ideas than he has resources.  By resources I mean people that are willing to devote time and energy.  When I was first elect president in 2001 I quoted a former governor, John J McKithen, who ran under the banner of �Please Hep Me!� This is the corner stone of a society like ours and it will fall without it.  We all are experts in something related to genealogy, so why not share that with the rest of the world.  It is a great feeling to share something you know especially when you see the realization of knowledge spread across their face. Next year I ask you to tell Earl Gates to �shut up and sit down� so you can talk. 
I would be derelict if I did not mention one of the prime missions of this society and any group of this nature, "Comradre".  A lot of what we do at our various meeting could only be construed to be a gab sessions. There is nothing wrong with visiting and exchanging ideas, it is just another learning process.  Many people have said that the best part of our meeting is the food.  People get to mingle and talk about everything from alpha to omega.  When three people get together and start talking, data transference always takes place. Our society is a great place to meet good people.

Below are our accomplishments for 2007

Presentations Given By the Society

1 ---- Beginning Genealogy
2 ----  DNA in Genealogy
3 ---- Explore Your Roots With Heritage Quest
4 ---- Getting Started In Genealogy
5 ---- Using

6 ---- Using Family Tree Maker
7 ---- How To Find Your Ancestors Online
8 ---- How To Cite Your Sources
9 ---- Wills and Probates
10 --- Digitizing, Enhancing, and Organizing Your Pictures and Documents
11 --- How To Use Genealogy Mailing Lists and Message Boards
12 --- Finding Your Way Home Using Map in Genealogy
13 --- Vital Records, How to Find Births, Marriages and Death Records
14 --- Civil War Records: How to Find Ancestor That Served in the
Civil War
15 --- Military Records: How to Find Ancestors from Vietnam War Back to Revolutionary War
Field Trips
1 ----        Louisiana Genealogy Society Annual Spring Genealogy Seminar in Baton Rouge
2 ----        Genealogical Conference 2007 at the Louisiana Archives in Baton Rouge
3 ----        Branching Out in Genealogy in Lake Charles
1 ----        On Tuesdays we meet at Lafayette Public Library to help anyone with problems.
2 ----        First Saturday meeting are held in the Lafayette Public Library to help anyone people.
1 ---- Cemetery Photo Project
2 ---- Recording Data From The Daily Advertiser
3 ---- Indexing Les Memories