Broussard Cemetery

Broussard Cemetery 118 St. Pascal Road
Map of 118 St. Pascal Road
Lafayette, Louisiana 70508 - 7722

Longitude 92.04070 and Longitude 30.13744

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Baby, Girl  (Ozita)
Baby, Girl Mayo Racca
Baudoin, Baby Girl
Broussard, Carmelite
Broussard, Clabert
Broussard, Eulalie
Broussard, Joseph Arcisse
Broussard, Joseph Minos
Broussard, Nicholas
Broussard, Onezier
Broussard, Philibert
Broussard, Rose Noelle
Broussard, Theobald
Broussard, Theodule, Sr.
Clostio, Anna
Guidry, Audrey M.
Henry, Elizabeth
Landry, Bernice
Landry, Grazelle M.
Landry, Pierre
LeBlanc, Bill & Patricia Bayer
LeBlanc, Loveline
LeBlanc, Ruby Ann
LeBlanc, Warren
Mallet, Donald J. & Elizabeth M. Romero
McKinney, Margaret and Monroe E. Cantor
Mire, Eva
Rees, Misty Therese
Saltzman, Claude
Trahan, Boy (Harry Trahan)
Trahan, Mary Zula
Unknown, Baby
Unknown, Baby
Vicnair, Arial
Vincent, Adrian & Anita Baudoin
Vincent, Azema
Vincent, Baby Girl
Vincent, Kossuth & Rachael Annie McKinney