The Minutes of the January 17, 2006 Meeting

Volume 2006  Issue 2                                                                                                            February 2006

The January 2006 meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held in the Louisiana Room of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on January 19, 2006 at 6:30 P.M.  The meeting was called to order by President Jean Kiesel.  There was a moment of silence for our military and victims of our hurricanes.  The Pledge of Allegiance was then given.

2006 dues are due at this time; if dues are not paid the newsletter will not be sent after February.

A letter of appreciation was read from Pauline B. Richard and Zachary Richard for the dedication of 2005 Les Memoires to Eddie Richard.

Treasurer Warren LeBlanc reported on the Budget for 2006.

Beginning Balance                                                                 $2739.39

Projected Income

Estimated 53 Members Dues @$20.00 Ea.                             $1060.00

Sell 5 Books @ $15.00 Ea.                                                         $105.00                         

Sell 15 Supplements @ $5.00 Ea.                                               $ 75.00            

Total Projected Income                                                           $1240.00

Projected Expenses

Publication                                                                                $500.00

Speaker's Meal                                                                          $ 30.00

Banquet Prizes                                                                            75.00

Office Expenses (Postage/Newsletters)                                    350.00 

Other Expenses                                                                           65.00         

Library Book                                                                                 50.00

Total Expenses                                                                        $1070.00

Ending Balance                                                                        $2909.39      

Brenda Fuselier moved to accept the budget; it was seconded and passed.

Jean has received notice that the society has $35.00 dues due for the Federation of Genealogical Societies.  Cindy Hofmeister had signed us up for the year 2005 and had paid those dues for the society.  Following a discussion concerning access to the Web Site, Earl Gates and Charles Patterson volunteered to update and maintain the site with the understanding that other members need to be involved in submitting information to be added to the site.  Earl is to meet with Cindy for instruction and codes for the site.  Charles Patterson made a motion to skip the dues. Earl reported that Cindy stated she may pay the dues for the society.  Our Society is listed in their publications and members qualify for discounts at meetings. This motion is pending until the advantages are made known to the general membership.

Newspaper publication of other genealogical society meetings and classes was discussed.  Jean searched the By-Laws regarding publication of information by a Publicity Chairman; Earl volunteered to work with the Advertiser, The Times, and The Independent in this endeavor.

The Society has received the publication, "Crossroads" from the Allen Parish Genealogical and Historical Society since we have and exchange with them.  Jean reviewed the publication and a discussion was held concerning the Lafayette Society's desire to undertake a similar project of publishing a quarterly.

Volunteers for the first Saturday of the month at the Library were Warren LeBlanc for February 4th and Brenda Fuselier for March 4th.  Jean stressed the importance of having a member there on the first Saturday as the Society's commitment in return for use of the meeting room throughout the year.

A discussion was opened for meeting activities for the 2006 year.  President Kiesel requested ideas for speakers, topics that could be presented for and/or by members.  An all day workshop was discussed with a possible theme of "Early American Ancestors."  Dottie Burleigh has offered to present information on the DAR.  Workshops and PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded for meeting activities were introduced.  For the February meeting Brenda Fuselier offered to speak on PAF and Charles Patterson will offer information on Family Tree Maker, the two most popular computer programs for entering genealogical information.  Programs for the remainder of the year 2006 were discussed and tentatively scheduled.

There being no further business the meeting was closed.

Respectfully  Submitted,

Brenda Fuselier