Lafayette Genealogical Society

The Minutes of 19 May 2011

On May 19, 2011, the Lafayette Genealogical Society monthly meeting was called to order by President Brenda Fuselier with the Pledge of Alligence and a moment of silence for all those who have or is serving our country.


LGS member, Frances Doga was introduced as our speaker for this month's meeting. She spoke on how she had researched information on about 11 different family names, all without the use of the internet. She has compiled and published "handwritten" books on the Meche, Doga, Breaux, Royer, Tircuit (Turquis), Mire/Meaux, Comeaux/Trahan/Credeur, and Guidry Families. She is currently working on the Arceneaux family. She explained how she went to the library using Fr. Hebert's books, other family books and the library index system, along with trips to cemeteries taking pictures of tombstones, and calls and trips to court houses and church offices. She also used the cemetery and funeral home books that Pointe de I'Eglise Historical & Genealogical Society published for Acadia Parish. She had a 2 volume set of the Doga family books for all to view.


Sam Lollar, with the Library and LGS member told members how some of the Genealogy books that people have been cutting pages out of. He asked that any members notify the library if they find any cut/missing pages in any genealogy books.

The Great Acadian Awakening, to be held in October was discussed. Stephen White will be speaker for LGS on Saturday, Oct. 15th at the South Regional Library. Volunteers were asked for housing, transportation and food for hosting Stephen White.

Brenda Fuselier, Dottie Burleigh, and Harold Prejean went to the Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society conference last month. Guest speaker was John Sellers. Earl Gates motioned that we try to get him as a guest speaker next year. Pat Synder seconded. All voted in favor.

Saturday, May 21st, will be Lake Charles Society meeting. Jim Bradshaw will be speaking on the 1927 flood.

LGS 1st Saturday meeting will have Mr. Gerald;;;;;;

Treasurer's Report: Beginning balance $3,567.43, plus Dues $120.00, less expenses $100.00, with ending blanche of $3,587.43.

LGS 1st Saturday meeting will have Mr. Gerald Patout, author and archivist and Library Director of LSUE. He will speak about the LeDoux Library located on campus.

Warren LeBlanc showed 1st and 2nd issues of LGS newsletters that used to be printed and sent out, that he picked up at a garage sale.

Jeannie Melancon and Leonard Smith were introduced as new members. Mr. Smith told us of some sites that he as been using for his research. These included;;;;


Treasurer's Report: Beginning balance $3,567.43, plus Dues $120.00, less expenses $100.00, with ending blanche of $3,587.43.

Pete Lavergne motioned to adjourn, Earl Gates seconded. All in attendance were invited for refreshments.